The Frederik is making some serious moves with his enticing brand of dark electro.  Nowhere is this clearer than in the Danish artist’s upcoming EP “Heavy Crownage,” a five-track release that’s due to drop on January 28th off of Pilot Records (UKF).  Selections from the Heavy Crownage EP have already been featured in places like the DJ Mag Basscast Radio Show, and now Your EDM was lucky enough to obtain a pre-promo copy of the release for review.  Without a doubt, this is one of the most original and refreshing releases to come along in a while, and is sure to breathe some new life into the electro house genre.  Read on as we take a glimpse at the tracks included on the EP, including a sneak peek at the final mixes.




The Frederik’s sound can best be described as “industrial electro house.”  Within his vast frameworks of rumbling basses and high-end synth leads, he tends to include understated melodies and utilize techniques that add a dark, yet exciting, atmosphere to his music.  The Heavy Crownage EP is the perfect example, as the first track, aptly-titled “Heavy Crownage,” employs a deep, low-end bassline and some haunting synth chords.  The track strikes a perfect balance between the melodic breakdowns and the full-on electro segments, and this is one of the highlight tracks on the album.  Track two, “The Evil Version,” has a similar atmosphere.  A rumbling, glitched-out bassline drives the track while rising leads add to the feel.  The track’s breaks feature some fierce synth arrangements that switch up the feel slightly.  All in all, The Evil Version is a sinister banger, with plenty of energy and a forceful presence.



The next two tracks have slightly-different vibes, though they still contain key elements of The Frederik’s technique.  Track three, “Face Milk,” uses some tribal percussion along with some high-end leads to add to the groove.  The first drop has the gigantic bassline that is his signature, but the main breakdown of this track is the most surprising.  The Frederik uses what sound like chimes, along with some atmospheric synth work, that give the arrangement a haunting vibe.  Track four, “Furry Coat,” is a similarly-huge track.  A deep, glitched out bassline set the tone while distorted leads and some vintage guitar samples add to the flavor.  Furry Coat is an unconventional track, blending a dark bassline with glitch effects and even some disco house elements.

The final track, “Stutter Gun (F**k Loud and Make Noise),” is an absolute stunner.  Featuring some slick filtered synths and bright leads, the focus is on the gritty progression that The Frederik achieves with his signature edgy bassline, and thick snare hits.  This one definitely has the feel of a peak-time party track, perfect for elevating a crowd.  This producer’s bold, hard-edged sound is on full display, yet the grittiness is tempered with some melodic synth work and rhythmic grooves that contribute to the full package.




The Frederik was kind enough to provide us with a 30 minute-long mixtape containing all the tracks, so you can have a taste for yourself before the Heavy Crownage EP is released on January 28th, off of Pilot Records (UKF).  Take a listen, and be sure to check back with us here at Your EDM next week for our full review!


Track List

1. Heavy Crownage

2. The Evil Version

3. Face Milk

4. Furry Coat

5. Stutter Gun (F**k Loud and Make Noise)


“Heavy Crownage EP” Mixtape


(Note: Tracks on mixtape are arranged in same order as Track List)




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