Earlier this week, Skrillex‘s label and social music site OWSLA and The Nest released this EP for free including an interesting remix by an unknown individual. If you aren’t signed up for The Nest, you’ll have to wait a couple of days, and you probably have to pay a whole lot more than just $12 a month.

The EP, named Defiant Order, includes the Original Mix by the french group known as Birdy Nam Nam but also features remixes by Breakbot, Craze, UZ, and Block Beattaz. BMM more recently known for their release of Ghetto Bird and the Jaded Future EP.  If you’ve never heard of any of these artists, I suggest you get the Defiant Order EP, because while Progressive and Electro House are commercially popular, they don’t exactly contain all of EDM and this is definitely a great way to expand you’re musical world. Seriously, check these guys out, and even check out a NEST exclusive remix by Phuture Doom which is sure to rock you to your core. Check ’em all out below, and buy it here! 

Birdy Nam Nam – Defiant Order (Original Mix)

Birdy Nam Nam – Defiant Order (Breakbot Remix)

Birdy Nam Nam – Defiant Order(Craze “Get Live” Remix)

Birdy Nam Nam – Defiant Order(UZ Remix)

Birdy Nam Nam – Defiant Order(Block Beattaz Remix)


and The Nest Exclusive, Phuture Doom. (don’t worry if you don’t know who Phuture Doom is, no one besides Skrillex and his “dogs” know.)

Birdy Nam Nam – Defiant Order(Phuture Doom Remix)