This past weekend, Your EDM had the opportunity to sit down with Revolvr before his thrilling set at Temple Nightclub in San Francisco. He threw down a heavy set with massive drops, big time builds, and a whole bunch of genres that got the crowd sweating hard despite the chilly night outside the club. His track selection was on point, and it included quite a few of his own productions as well as a number of more underground cuts I was excited to hear played out. He kicked off his set with the big time electro bomb Nudge by Dirtyloud and Felguk, and soon after got into club shakers like Schoolboy‘s Aftershock, Porter Robinson‘s Say My Name, his own remix of fRew‘s Wicked Woman, the Dirtyloud remix of Dubsidia‘s Kill Humans, and JDG‘s remix of Klaus ft. Treyy GClap Like This. It’s been a while since I heard a hard, electro heavy set as good as this. I can’t wait to catch Revolvr again next time he’s in town. Check out the interview and my favorite track of his set below:

Your EDM (Derek): We’re here with Revolvr at Temple Nightclub.

D: If you had to explain Revolvr’s sound to someone who had never listened to you before, what would you say?

Revolvr: I would probably say it’s melodic, compelling, and very energetic. With hard-ass drops.

D: So you hooked up with Lea Luna for your Machine EP, how did that come about and what was it like working with her?

R: We actually met in LA at some club, an after party through a friend.  I found out she was a vocalist, she found out I was a producer and we decided to just share music with each other. After that we decided to take interest and actually do a couple projects together.

D: I’m sure you played a lot of places in 2012, but what were some of the best gigs you played?

R: I’d probably say first is Avalon in LA.

D: Probably my favorite club too.

R: Oh yeah. El Paso was definitely a great place, Salt Lake City too. Surprisingly Oklahoma City was amazing. And Boston, Boston was a lot of fun.

D: I’m Boston area born and raised so I love to hear that.

R: And, pretty much every city in Canada kills it.

D: You live in Las Vegas, right? What is the scene out there like?

R: It’s definitely blowing up. Since all the biggest DJs get flown out there and play out there. It’s becoming like the EDM capital.

D: Do you play in Vegas a lot or are you on the road more?

R: I am on the road a lot but Vegas is my home, that’s my home base.

D: Do you have anyone you’re hoping to collaborate with this year?

R: Yeah, I’d like to collaborate with Lucky Date. Schoolboy has been on my radar, I’m liking his stuff. Krewella – I’d definitely love to get on a track with them.

D: I was listening to some of the first tracks you [had] out on Beatport recently. How would you say your style has changed since the first couple of tracks you put out?

R: I would probably say some of my first tracks were more along the lines of complextro, electro, stuff like that. I’m getting a little bit more into the big room stuff, but still keeping that electro feel. My next album I’m working has a much more progressive and trance feel to it but still with electro undertones.

D: You’ve also worked on a couple dubstep tracks, do you have any more genres you’re hoping to experiment with?

R: Yeah, I’m working on a midtempo track right now.

D: Well I know you have to get on soon, so to wrap things up – what is one thing about you that the average fan wouldn’t know?

R: That I’m a complete adrenaline junkie. I love motorcycles, I love jumping out of planes, I love snowboarding.