The first release from Destroid Music, the collaborative effort between Canadian dubstep heavyweights Excision and Downlink along with drummer KJ Sawka, marked the inception of a musical vision three years in the making. Since its debut release, Raise Your Fist, Destroid has continued to release free tracks and singles which have further propelled the group and label to even higher heights. The labels’ latest release, Blast Off, continues to perpetuate the sound and structure that both Excision and Downlink have become notorious for, filth-ridden beats coupled with roaring bass. Blast Off, a collaboration between Excision and Rottun Records cohort Ajapai, combines arcade style synths and a blistering bassline to create a surprisingly uplifting yet heavy tune. Stream the track below and grab a copy on Beatport or iTunes if you wish to further support the artists. Cheers.

 Excision & Ajapai – Blast Off |Beatport| iTunes