When we last talked with Infected Mushroom, Duvdev’s closing words for his fans were to check out the first volume of Friends on Mushrooms. If you’re an Infected fan you should get some stamps because you have a lot of fan mail to write.

This EP is a four track smash hit from start to finish. Their ability to experiment with sounds that aren’t in their “normal” routine is flawless. Where Do I Belong is an awesome psytrance moombahton collaboration with Hope 6 that will have your brain debating on raging the night away in a club or lighting up on the couch to Bob Marley Pandora. My other favorite on the EP, and maybe of the year, is Astrix on Mushrooms. This track features Astrix and is very similar to the classic Infected sound, and takes you on a wild ride. What I love most about this EP is the diversity and willingness to experiment with other styles. I’ve gone through it half a dozen times already and I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it. If this is what the first volume has to offer, then I can’t wait to here volumes two and three.

You can get the EP on Beatport here.