If you haven’t heard of ‘Let’s Be Friends’, that’s about to change. The UK based group just released their absolutely gargantuan EP 1 and let me just say for a name I had never heard before… I’m blown away. EP 1 is not only on par with acts like Far Too Loud, Knife Party, and dare I say Skrillex, but it adds a different dimension of creativity and innovation. EP 1 has a welcome air of familiarity yet each track feels fresh.


EP 1 starts off with ‘Manslaughter’, a heavy moombah banger reminiscent of Far Too Loud.  It’s a solid track fit for peak hours and is guaranteed to get energy going with its unique namesake sampled intro.

The second offering ‘Best In The West’ is my personal favorite on the whole release. From swagged out intro to the fiery drumstep drop, ‘Best In The West’ is pure energy.

Allow It’ the third track starts off with a eerie melody and drops into chaos. Admittedly this is the only song on the EP that just doesn’t quite do it for me. Hardcore bassheads will enjoy it, but for this house junkie it’s too much.

Pull Up Your Finger’ is heavy along the same lines as ‘Allow it’, and features ‘going hard’ type lazers that fit really well with the gritty bassline.

Intimidation’ is another balls out catchy tune, focusing on treble elements with a fiery bassline. It’s aggressive but isn’t overly intense and gives ‘Best In The West’ a run for its money for best track.

EP 1 brings it home with ‘The Creator’. This track reminds me a lot of Knife Party’s ‘Bonfire’, which unfortunately I am not a huge fan of. But take a listen and let us know what you think.

Overall, Bass Music newcomers Let’s Be Friends has offered a very solid piece of work with EP 1. Keep your eyes on these guys, I have a feeling they will be doing many big things in the near future.


Check out Let’s Be Friends on facebook, youtube, and soundcloud!

And pick up a copy of the EP on beatport, iTunes, and TrackItDown.