If you thought Ultra Music Festival’s announcement wasn’t enough for you today, you are in for a treat. Coachella just shared their very own 2013 line up for the upcoming event. Now before tackling the incredible list of artists, let’s first answer the question that is on everyone’s mind…DAFT PUNK WILL NOT BE PLAYING AT COACHELLA. That’s right, no sign of the French duo anywhere on the line up, perhaps for another time maybe, let the rumors roll.

In all honesty this line up is good but not stellar, although I am sure many of you will disagree with me. One thing you will quickly notice is the omission of any top Electronic Dance Music artist within the top 2 lines of the line up. Now don’t get me wrong, I do see the XX but they don’t really fit my definition of EDM. Anyway, I will let you guys decipher the poster in search of your favorites:

Visit the Coachella website here

BREAKING: Coachella 2013 Finally Announces Its Line Up! No Daft Punk In Sight