If you are an avid trance fan and happen to reside in the Northeast, then you absolutely need to check out Divergence on Friday, January 25th. Created by the Limitless Music company, Divergence is a series of events that tries to showcase lesser booked artists and genres that are not as prominent towards the United States. Meaning that they are ‘diverging’ from what other companies book and grabbing massive artists from around the world to showcase to American audiences. Providing an ambitious first show, Limitless Music has decided to inject some Ireland and Poland power into American soil to give us an unforgettable night of hard, banging Tech Trance with Bryan Kearney and Indecent Noise. These two are absolute technical masters behind the decks, often splicing tracks on top of another and often providing many more tracks in a single hour than most DJ’s in the scene. Both are absolutely on fire right now, with huge fan bases in Argentina, Holland, Mexico, England and smashing down the walls with each and every show they play at. And after hearing that both are going to play a slew of new material, it will surely be a night to remember (and will probably be one of the most outstanding Trance shows we have heard in a long time).

It is Kearney‘s first visit to New York City and he even stated that,” u are all dead, all of u” [sic]; showing that he will give no mercy behind the decks. There is also a small possibility that Kearney and Indecent Noise will be teaming up at the end of the night to bring us Indecent Kearnage, a rare occurrence that brings some of the best that Trance has to offer. Joining these two is Limitless Music‘s own Static & Bass, with over 20 years of experience (which means that these two know what they are doing). And as an added bonus, if you reserve a table for the event before 6PM on Friday, you can get 25% off of of the price (which is a steal; get on this!). Bringing these two benemoths into New York City can only mean trouble and the music will be earthshaking and banging. Divergence with Bryan Kearney & Indecent Noise will be hosted at Club 39 (303 West 39th Street) in New York City this Friday, January 25th. Again, this is THE event to get to for any true Trance fan, so grab your tickets and strap your seat belts in for Divergence!


Set Times

Static & Bass: 11-12AM

Bryan Kearney: 12-2AM

Indecent Noise: 2-4AM


Tickets: http://www.wantickets.com/Events/ShowEvent.aspx?eventId=118397