This is just out, Daft Punk will be releasing their fourth album this Spring with Sony’s sub label Columbia. The news was released by the French magazine Le Parisien, which mentioned the departure of the French duo from EMI group, to join Sony’s subsidiary, Columbia. This album will mark their first official release after the release of Human After All┬áin 2005, and is slated for a spring release this year.

We are still awaiting more news on the matter as not much more other than the Nile Rodgers De Chic collaboration has been confirmed, but make sure to follow us on twitter at @youredm and facebook to get the latest news.

UPDATE (01/29): The Guardian has confirmed that the 4th album by the French duo Daft Punk, will be released in May with Sony sublabel Columbia. It may feature collaborations with Giorgio Moroder and Gonzales

Source: The Guardian