In a tragic fire, at least 233 people lost their lives and countless more have been injured at the Brazilian Nightclub Kiss. According to Col. Adilomar Silva, the regional coordinator of civil defense, the blaze started around 2 a.m after the acoustic insulation at Kiss caught fire. The fire spread quickly throughout the building causing some parts of the structure to collapse on the attendees. The club had a total maximum capacity of 1,000 yet that night the total attendance was at a staggering 2,000, causing the club to be well overcrowded and making it difficult for people to leave the building. Investigators on Globo TV stated:

This overcrowding made it difficult for people to leave, and according to the information we have, the security guards kept people from leaving the building.

While firefighters arrived on the scene as quickly as they could, the smoke made it increasingly difficult for people to make their way to the exit. Even with the help of neighbors breaking down walls with axes to let the trapped escape, the combination of fire and smoke took the lives of over 200 individuals. At this point in time, Agencia Brasil claims that more than 130 people were hospitalized.

This tragic accident is beyond words. We here at Your EDM want to share and inform you of every aspect of the scene, whether that be the fun and exciting or the horrific and disheartening. Our hearts go to those affected by this saddening event, and we hope that this will push club owners to abide by attendance regulations and create a safer environment for club goers.

We will update this page as more information is released.

Source: CNN