News has just broke that the Association For Electronic Music (AFEM) has just been formed. This group is made up of some of the biggest and most powerful players in the Electronic Music world (see list below). The group will be a non-profit company that will work to make sure that Electronic Music heads in the right direction. Initially offices will be set up in both the UK and USA.

One of the coordinators, Kurosh Nasseri, says that “It is time for the many companies and individuals involved in our business to speak with a unified voice to represent the genre and to address the issues. And that is the mission of the Association for Electronic Music.” Here is the AFEM mission statement:

There is no doubt that this is a massive development. As EDM catapults in to the limelight it is nice to know that we now have AFEM to keep a look out and steer our beloved music in the right direction. This is what the Board of Advisors looks like right now:

·       Matthew Adell, Beatport, CEO, retailer

·       James Barton, President of Electronic Music, Live Nation

·       Carlos Correal, Insomniac

·       Jason Ellis, Positiva / Virgin Records

·       Stephanie LaFera, Little Empire Music

·       David Levy, WME: William Morris Endeavor

·       Maria May, CAA: Creative Artists Agency

·       Liz Miller, Big Beat / Atlantic

·       Paul Morris, AM Only

·       Patrick Moxey from Ultra Records/President of Electronic Music for Sony Music, label

·       Maykel Piron, Armada Music

·       Duncan Stutterheim, ID&T

·       Any Thomson, ATM Artists

·       John Truelove, Truelove

·       Danny Whittle, Promoter, IBZ Entertainment

·       Tom Windish. Windish Agency


-Jacob, @Jacob_YourEDM