Earlier this week Canadian bass technician and dubstep powerhouse Datsik released his debut EP on his emerging label, Firepower Records. The EP titled, Cold Blooded: Part One, consists of seven original tracks which certainly demonstrate Datsik‘s knack for all things ominously dark and gritty while simultaneously emphasizing his overall versatility as a producer.

The title track of the EP, Cold Blooded, is very much on par with what one might expect from Datsik. Punchy drums, filthy wobbles, and blistering bass excentuate and set the tone of the EP right out the gate. Another highlight of the EP is the track Too Late To Say No which features vocals from Troy Beetles himself. This is the first track Datsik has ever released with his own vocals which truly speaks to his talent as a musician. The EP also features the latest single and collaboration with Excision which we featured a few weeks back, Vindicate. Vindicate, is the duo’s first take producing at 110 BPM and features a bouncy bassline coupled with the duo’s signature growling synths and fierce wobbles. The last track of the EP and my personal favorite, Release Me, is an excellent representation of Datsik‘s intention to continually push himself as a producer. Release Me, while maintaining much of his signature dark energy and filthy sound design clearly indicates Troy’s attempt to create a tune that sonically isn’t just another cookie-cutter track pulled from the Datsik cookie jar.All in all, Cold Blooded: Part One is a diverse release which truly speaks to the growth and initiative of Datsik as a producer over the past months.

Cold Blooded: Part One is out now on Firepower Records and can be purchased at Beatport here!