Last weekend on Febuary 2nd, 36 concertgoers were arrested in an unprecented crackdown at the Above and Beyond Show in Melbourne at the Hisense Arena. Police using drug-sniffing dogs captured ravers for possession of illicit substances such as ecstasy, GHB, and cocaine. Use of these party drugs is notoriously common within the EDM world since its very inception. This trend has often placed the EDM and raver community at odds with law enforcement and public health officials. The events that transpired during Above and Beyond’s may point to a new initiative to combat drug use and it is possible these busts may become more common in the future. Melbourne Senior Sergeant Mark Pilkington seemed to confirm this in a statement saying We will continue to police these events in an attempt to minimise the risk to those using these illicit drugs.” However, only time will tell if other countries and agencies will follow this Melbourne precedent.

Here at YourEDM we neither condone nor condemn drug use, we only urge our readers and EDM fans worldwide to party safely and exercise caution!