We’ve all had the feeling, you’re looking for music, then bam! You come across an absolute diamond in the ruff and the last 4 hours of searching for music is completely justified. Just the other day I discovered the funky freshness that is Rescue. Their most recent track, Every Freakin’ Day (Original Mix), is one of my favorite tracks at the moment. The vocals in this track are so fresh it makes you groove just sitting in your chair. Although the main verse doesn’t drop until 3 minutes in, this track is well worth it’s price. Guesthouse Music has been on a great streak churning out great house tunes almost every week and it’s only getting better! Check out this great track below and make sure to download it for your personal collection!


Rescue – Every Freakin’ Day (Original Mix)  [Guesthouse Music]

[audio https://www.youredm.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/01-Every-Freakin-Day-Original-Mix.mp3]





-Nick Ward   @Nickward20