Nicky Romero‘s latest release is something quite far from what we have heard from him lately. He has strayed away from the ever-commercializing big room house and has created a dance-floor destroying tech house track. The track is appropriately named Still The Same Man and is also appropriately released on the tech house giant Toolroom Records. Nicky Romero uses his new track to exhibit that he is still in fact the same man. This track proves that his music can not only impress massive crowds at festivals around the world but he also still has the potential to deliver an impressive, intimate club sound.

Still The Same Man is not simply an attempt by Nicky Romero at tech house, it is a thoroughly impressive track. It is a track that moguls of the tech house industry would gladly include in their sets. It should garner a new admiration from music appreciators that in the past had simply written Nicky Romero off as a commercial house artist. It is a very impressive piece of musical work to say the least. Be sure to head over to Beatport to get your hands on a copy of this tech house bombshell.

Nicky Romero feat. John Christian & Nilson- Still The Same Man (Original Mix)