Charlie Darker is a name that will soon be very known to you. Residing in the Great White North, Charlie Darker is about to invade the United States with his unique sound that will catch your attention the moment you hear it. Coming off remix’s such as his Skyfall (Charlie Darker Remix) and his remix of Botnek’s Think I Feel it (Original Mix), Charlie Darker is quickly creating a name for himself. With 2013 just getting started, it’s safe to say this will be a big year for the canadian producer. Check out the Interview below and make to follow him on Facebook and Soundcloud!

When did you first start producing?
I started producing dance music regularly about three years ago.  Before that I was doing a lot more live stuff and recording instruments.

Why did you choose to do a remix to Skyfall?

Just a great song, plain and simple.  Adele obviously has an amazing voice, and that makes remixing a hell of a lot easier.  But there is something special about that song (the original), it just had the coolest vibe.  Hard to put a word on it but somewhere in the land of eerie and badass.

What is one of your favorite venues you have played? 

It’s tough to say because what makes the venue, the physical construction or the crowd?  I would say the coolest actual “venue” would be Chroma in Toronto.  But the best crowd is a tie between Belmont in Montreal and TEN Nightclub in Sudbury.

What can we expect in 2013?

Touring!  I’ll be hitting the states very soon, which I’m very excited about.  In terms of music, I have a whole bunch of tracks that are set to come out early this year.  They’re ones that have been done for a while but just waiting for release at different labels.  I have a single coming on Dim Mak, a few tracks coming up on Kindergarten, and definitely some free releases in there.

Any collaborations in the works?

Yep. Got collabs with Botnek, Paris & Simo, Wayne & Woods, and Popeska – as well as a bunch more that are a little too early to announce yet.

Where are you currently residing? 

Montreal 80%, Toronto 20%.

What are some things you like to do in your free time?

Honestly if I’m not in the studio or playing a show, I’m probably sleeping.  I guess I’m a bit of an internet TV/Movie addict, I don’t miss too many movies that come out (worthwhile ones at least).

Who are some artists that have been an inspiration to you?

Long list… There are artists who inspired me greatly in my ‘formative’ producing years and left a more “permanent” mark on my sound like Bag Raiders, MSTRKRFT, Wolfgang Gartner, Boys Noize, Bloody Beetroots, etc. etc.

Then there are guys who influence in a more specific and more “day to day” basis like Torro Torro, Botnek, Modek, Clockwork, RESET!, Oliver…

Where in the world would you really like to play?