Created in 2008, Unearthed Recordings has consistently been one of the best independent Trance labels around, rivaling such factions as Discover and Defcon. An accessible outlet to incoming and rising stars, Unearthed has been at the forefront of creating and maintaining careers for many great artists, such as Manuel Rocca, Jonathan Carvajal, Suncatcher and more. Label owners Luke Terry and Chris Turner have striven for quality rather than quantity and have tried to cover many genres in trance. As the years pushed on, many sublabels have been implimented such as Unearthed Subliminal and has evolved into a multifaceted and unique niche in the Trance market. And now, to celebrate their 100th release, they have taken 11 of their most iconic releases throughout the years and re-released them, with refreshing updates from many great artists, such as Odonbat, C-Systems & Bushi and Kago Pengchi. Here are some of our favorites of the upcoming series, with each one being a wildly different sound than the last.



Tobi Atkins- Set Me Free (Stonevalley Remix)

Released as the 37th EP of Unearthed Red two years ago, Tobi Atkins pulled off his impressive release of Wind & Sea with this single. Also included was an uplifting remix by Trance Arts and a nice Progressive cut from Colonial One. This release gets the Stonevalley treatment, as he turns this placid Original into a stunning, angelic Uplifter. Utilizing raw and ambitious drive, Stonevalley pulls the emotional impact into full torque, with sweeping synths and an absolutely fabulous breakdown with smooth as silk strings. Already supported by Armin van Buuren, Set Me Free is a must have for the Uplifters up in the sky.


Paul Miller & Sasha Dubrovsky- Impact (Anhken Remix)

The 14th release of Unearthed Records, it was created all the way back in 2009 with many remixes from producers such as Thomas Coastline and Dimitri Bessonov. The track itself was a 140BPM stormer with cackling energy spewing from its massive maw (with unforgiving chords and drilling, acidic melodies). Progressive Trance producer Anhken brings the BPM way down and brings the subs and vibe down as well into a very deep and serine remix. He utilizes a very cool bleepy main synth that cuts through the deepness and brings incredible contrast throughout the entire piece. Great quality and cool sounds, it’s one to look out for.


Bushi- Last Sun (Luke Terry Remix)

The 26th release on Unearthed Red, Bushi‘s Last Sun is one of the most recognized releases that Unearthed has ever released. Staring that iconic sunset guitar and that special, serine like sense of wonder and joy, Last Sun isĀ  a joy to listen to and is one of those timeless tracks that never gets old. Label boss Luke Terry decided to take the Original and put his own, unique touches that has made Unearthed Recordings the name that it is today. Pulling in some powerful basslines and tearful piano (with choir), Terry becomes one of the few producers who manages to give this remix justice from the old classic. A great Uplifter, and a must have for those wanting to go on a musical journey.


Chris Shepherd- Shalloa (Matt Skyer Remix)

Bringing back the classic Trance sounds of 2008, Chris Shepherd‘s Shalloa is the first ever release on Unearthed and was a wickedly fantastically produced track in its heyday. With throwback synths and ageless acidic sub-bass lines, it was a great start to a fantastic journey of Unearthed‘s catalog. Now, with the 100th release, Matt Skyer has previewed almost a completely different track, with a ground shaking Tech Trance remix to shatter floors and speakers everywhere. With rumbling, quaking basslines and interesting rhythmic use of white noise and clattering steel pipes, it is a deadly weapon for producers and a must have to bring the energy to an explosion.


These four are not only the ones worth getting, readers. ALL eleven tracks are quality and their driving forces have pure energy in spades. Make sure to check out these other releases and to purchase some of these tunes to keep this great label releasing some fantastic tunes. We will let you know on a release date as soon as we find out, Trance fans. The other releases are below; definitely check them all out! Until then, stay tuned!

Keep the music alive. -Q



Luke Terry vs. Adam Tas ft. Sopheary- Escape From Say (Original Mix)


Scott Lowe & High Definition- Midnight Blue (Kago Pengchi Remix)


MALU- Intracloud (Hoyaa Remix)


Chris Shepherd- Shalloa (Chris Turner & Luke Terry Remix)


Andrew Rayel- Globalization (Odonbat Remix)


Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic- Northern Sea (C-Systems & Bushi Remix)


Ryan Mendoza- Holding On (Wellenrausch’s Dark Matter Remix)