One up-and-coming producer that has impressed me time and time again with his productions is Los Angeles based Paris Blohm. Recently, we featured up his original track, Presence, which has received great support and is well over 13,000 plays on his Soundcloud page at the time of this post. He’s just released another free track, titled Expand, and personally it is my favorite track of his so far. The standard big room house sound has been getting a little stale sounding to me, but Paris did great things with this track. Expand begins out with an energetic lead synth and some absolutely massive, impending sounding drums. After a catchy melody on the breakdown, the track rises and rises bringing the energy level to 11 and features one of the fattest builds I’ve heard in a while. The drop is an all-out stomper, 100% guaranteed to ignite the dancefloor for any crowd. Support Paris on Facebook if you like what you hear and hopefully he’ll keep churning out awesome tracks like this.

Paris Blohm Facebook

-DD @fingerscrossedd