Faced with the daunting task of creating what Markus Schulz described as “[telling] the story of the whole night in that one song’ it was only natural that two of the biggest names in Trance would rise to the challenge with smashing results. Heard around the world and frequently played during the ASOT 600 Tour, The Expedition has that certain hook that make people instantly recognize the tune and it has been wildly successful with the crowds in Madrid and in Mexico City. Since the inception of The Expedition, other artists have been hungry to get their hands on the track to remix it to their own liking and today, we finally get to see the fruits of their hard work. From edgy, ripping Trouse to pounding 140BPM, each personal remix has an equally defined and personal sound and each one has been favorites of certain artists who are also playing in the ASOT 600 Tour. Here now, we present each remix, and I promise everyone that there is something for everyone here!


Armin Van Buuren & Markus Schultz- The Expedition (ASOT 600 Anthem) (Orjan Nilsen Remix)

Slowing things down a bit, technical master and rising star Orjan Nilsen takes a more Trousey approach to the Original, opting instead for big, blocky bass hits and techy stabs with pitch ripping tones. After hearing his recent tracks such as Copperfield and Filthy Fandango, we can see Orjan‘s evolving sound from true trance to high energy, peak-time hits that will surely cause damage on the floors. Taking notes from Leon Bolier, the fat bass kick is massive and is sure to be in many sets in the future. A true smasher of a remix.


Armin Van Buuren & Markus Schultz- The Expedition (ASOT 600 Anthem) (KhoMha Remix)

Doing away with all delicacies, Tech master KhoMha unleashes his signature driving synths to create a dark and brooding remix that is fat with sound and punch. After hearing his recent exploits in The Dark Knight, Vapor and Genesis, KhoMha‘s sound puts a cetain weight upon your body and pressurizes your ears to the point of no return. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing as you can physically feel the music hit you as you listen to it, which can be a phenomenal tool when playing it live. A recent favorite of Markus Schulz, you can bet money that this remix will be played all over the ASOT 600 Tour.


Armin Van Buuren & Markus Schultz- The Expedition (ASOT 600 Anthem) (Andrew Rayel Remix)

Andrew Rayel‘s remix is not technical like the last two above. Rather, it is a highly emotionally charged remix with lush chords and beautiful vocals, with that little bit of power and edge that is a signature characteristic of Rayel. Keeping the main hook of the melody during the breakdown, Rayel quickly chops up the melody to his own liking at the drop and almost creates an entirely new tune all on its own. Rayel has been on fire lately in the Trance community and there are certain moments in this remix that have quality and class written all over it. The current favorite of Armin Van Buuren, it is a huge hit that will be a favorite to many Trance fans around the world.


Armin Van Buuren & Markus Schultz- The Expedition (ASOT 600 Anthem) (Indecent Noise Remix)

A surprising remixer included the fold, ferocious Tech Trance master Indecent Noise has decided to up the ante (and the energy) to a highly explosive weapon of a remix. Procuring sixteenth notes and acidic basslines, Indecent Noise reworks the energy to an even higher level than the Original. Keeping the choir and some of the main melody, he instead pulls a fast, machine gun like synth into the spotlight to which follows an unforgiving bass kick and signature techy block hits. Indecent Noise is a master at his specific type of Trance and has done a beautiful job remixing this iconic track. My personal favorite of the four, it will definitely be played heavily at Den Bosh at the Who Is Afraid Of 138?! stage.