Just a mere 9 hours ago, Zedd posted a link on facebook linking to Beatport which featured some of the biggest names dropping remixes for his track, Clarity. Among the names are, Tiesto, Headhunterz, Torro Torro, Felix Cartal, Nick Thayer, Shreddie Mercury and Swanky Tunes! I have to say, the entire journey with Zedd’s Clarity has been astonishing. So many talented individuals, Zedd included, have come together and brought the world their take on a truly breath-taking song and not only made it their own but made each remix completely unique. It’s very evident that a lot of love and dedication went into these remixes.

That being said, take a couple of minutes out of your day and check out the tracks!

(My personal favorites are the Torro Torro, Nick Thayer, Shreddie Mercury and Swanky Tunes! Check ’em all out!)




Torro Torro

Roy R0senfeld

Felix Cartal

Nick Thayer

Shreddie Mercury

Swanky Tunes


You can buy it as a Beatport exclusive here! Which remix was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!