“A thousand miles, between the stars, chasing rainbows with our eyes”. That’s a few lines from Robbie Rivera‘s latest bliss-driven, progressive-house release, “A Thousand Miles“.  It’s a field that Rivera dabbles in every now and then and has seen a lot of success with huge hits like “Forever Young” and “Turn It Around“. However, this new three-song EP fell short of my expectations. Its dreamy, euphoric approach isn’t anything out of the ordinary, and the typical big room sound doesn’t blow you away like other songs we’ve heard this year. Here’s an exclusive look at each track:

Robbie Rivera – A Thousand Miles (Robbie Rivera, Frank Caro & Alemany Mix):

An interesting collaboration for this original, full of nostalgia and the want to stay “forever young”. It’s catchy and has all the features of a typical prog house song, but failed to grasp the unique sound we were hoping for. It’s not Rivera‘s best, but definitely something we’ll enjoy come summertime.

Robbie Rivera – A Thousand Miles (Maurizio Gubellini & Delayers Mix):

You last heard from both of these guys on their electro-house banger, “In Da House“. Yet, as with the preceding song, the remix from Maurizio Gubellini and Delayers didn’t provide any sort of spark to the EP. Its lack of excitement and mundane progressive house melodies proved mediocre to the great talent of these two producers.

Robbie Rivera – A Thousand Miles (Robbie Rivera NYC Dub):

Robbie’s NYC Dub proves to be a solid remix containing his signature house sound that makes it strongest song on the EP. It’s darker but contains that distinct, innovative attitude of Rivera that we all love.

Although A Thousand Miles isn’t Rivera’s strongest EP, I hope it will challenge both himself and other artists to strive for a sound that will blow listeners away. Don’t get me wrong, everyone on this release is very talented, but it lacked creativity. Be sure to check it out over at Beatport and as always, we love to hear your opinion in the comment section!