Diplo, A-Trak and Skrillex have teamed up to create Potato TV, a Youtube music channel. The channel will have electronic music TV shows along with video, audio and DJ mix exclusives. They also just launched a website at potato.tv but there is nothing there quite yet. When asked about the project the trio stated that they wanted to create a service much akin to the early days of MTV, focusing on delivering a unique perspective on the electronic music scene, as well as premiering tracks and highlighting artists. A-Trak, Skrillex and Diplo will be working in collaboration with IconicTV, which runs other YouTube stations including Jay-Z’s life and times. The documentary style series will cover varying facets of the scene and to start things off we hand it to Skrillex and Boyz Noise with their premiering of BANG!. In the first episode, the duo will be giving the viewers a history lesson of the birth of Techno, in its home town of Detroit.

Potato.tv is live and is already delivering hilarious gifs. Visit for the latest potato news and information.

Here is the first episode of BANG! with Skrillex and Boyz Noise:

Up next is Diplo Shane McCauley, who have just released a trailer for their new series called Blow Your Head which will premiere in two days (February 20):

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