The remixes of Steve Aoki‘s Come With Me feat. Polina released today. The remixers are Pierce Fulton, Lazy Rich, Jidax, Doorly, Deorro and ArkAngel. Each take their own style and apply it in a masterful manner; from intense and bassy electro and progressive to anthem house these reworks cover a wide range of sounds.

Pierce Fulton takes a progressive approach with tons of bass. He samples the vocals and uses forceful synths. Lazy Rich‘s electro style edit uses a strong melody. Rich keeps the vocals intact and still drops a crazy beat. The remix from Jidax gives the track a progressive anthem feel with big house synths. The only dubstep rework belongs to Doorly. With massive bass and vocal samples from the original mix this is a very unique rework. Deorro‘s takes his electro sound and lays it on Come With Me to create a very cool and distinct remix. The ArkAngel edit uses distant vocals and punchy synths with a beautifully bassy drop.