The M Machine have certainly cemented themselves as being complete outliers in the EDM world. Utilizing unorthodox synths and incorporating seldom used genres and styles, The M Machine has three people that are pushing the boundaries of what we consider to be dance music. After releasing their insanely successful Metropolis EP on Skrillex‘s personal label, OWSLA, they have been hard at work at creating an appropriate sequel. Dubbed Metropolis, Part 2, it is almost half of an entire album rather than an EP, with 6 expertly produced tracks to satisfy all lovers of EDM.

Starting off with some Indie Dubstep (yes, it’s a genre now), Palace introduces the dreamy vocals of Blake Hazard to bring the sheer weighted synths of The M Machine with rising tension filled lines and drum filled beats, all while keeping those lush chord progressions in check. Next, the group goes full indie with Ghost In The Machine. This track includes the perfect vocals of pennybirdrabbit and otherworldly bleepy synths and extra-terrestrial theremin like synths. The grove is insatiable and the foray into Indie Dance is expertly produced like only they can accomplish.



Slowing things down a bit, Tiny Anthem incorporates perfect Indie vocals with relaxed synths and snappy snares that bring a reminiscence to their wildly popular track Faces. Moon Song takes on a wildly different approach with intense, heavy synths and a rough Techno drop that would make Brodinski and Gesaffelstein proud. The M Machine still gives that fantastic Indie sound into the mix while creating a rough track for the dance floors. And the breakdown is nothing short of gorgeous. Incorporating some heavy Electro synths and vibrato synths along with a bassline that is reminiscent on Tom Fall & Bart Claessen’s boot of Massive Attack‘s Teardrop, Schadenfreude is a stormer of a track and an intense journey into the darker side of The M Machine.




The final track, Luma, is a masterpiece in itself with the music weaving in and out of genres like braids in a basket. Starting with a beautiful acoustical piano melody (with harmony and accompanying thunder) it pulls into an almost Trance-like synth as The M Machine play around with standard chordal progressions to give it that special, unique flavor present in all of these tracks. Bringing full fledged lasers and Mat Zo-esque percussion, it eases into a fast paced Indie tempo with accompanying choir. It ends with a semi-ambiant tempo, in which it completes the musical journey that The M Machine have graciously produced for our listening pleasure.


The M Machine’s Metropolis Pt. 2 is a fantastic EP that everyone should be getting a copy of and it is now available on Beatport on OWSLA. You know what to do, get over to the link and support these fantastic artists!