It is no secret that Avicii‘s successes have mainly come through singles. In an interview with Rolling Stone Avicii said: “Everything is single-oriented now, but that’s why the only reason to make an album is if the whole way through is a great album and every track is like a single,”. Avicii‘s new work will be less of a traditional album and more of a compilation of singles. Collaborators on this upcoming release will be from both inside the dance music world and out. These collaborators include the disco legend Nile Rodgers (who claims to have been working with Daft Punk on their upcoming release), Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, Mike Einzinger from Incubus and Mac Davis who worked with the music icon Elvis Presley.

Avicii says that he really enjoys having a vocalist and states: “If you put me in a room with someone like Mike [Einzinger] or an amazing singer, I have the melodies in my head and I know exactly where to take everything, but I’m not able to do it myself, I’m not able to sing. So when I’m with someone who does sing and all these acoustic instruments, I know exactly what to do with it,”. Avicii is looking towards a more vocal and acoustic sounds with his new work. It should be interesting to see what kind of sound Avicii unveils with his new album by meshing his poppy electronic music with that of rock.