From the well-known electro titans at Big Fish Recordings comes another up-and-coming artist looking to make his mark on the scene.  Australian rising star James Frew storms out of the gate with the impressive “Milk Man EP.”  Featuring three tracks of innovative, pulse-pounding electro house, this is one of the highlight releases of 2013 so far.


The first track on the EP, Milk Man, is an unorthodox track that uses a distorted, low-end bassline to drive the feel.  Rhythmic percussion accentuates the groove, and some sharp, rising leads give the track an elevated energy.  With an infectious hook and plenty of rhythm, this is definitely the most unique track on the release.

James Frew – Milk Man (Original Mix)



Track two, Booby Trap, is a rollicking electro banger and the highlight of the EP.  James Frew builds a heavy groove with some monumental synth work and some fierce leads.  The bassline in this track is something to behold–the low end rumbles the floor while some heavy distortion is applied to give it a hard edge.  James ties the arrangement together with some thick claps, tom hits, and a massive melodic progression that gives the track some real weight.  This is peak-time electro at its best.

James Frew – Booby Trap (Original Mix)



The final track on the release, Lord of the Pies, is a deep electro experience.  The track starts off with a light progression, before it quickly descends into madness.  The first drop is absolutely gigantic, with a signature heavy bassline providing the backbone for the track.  Thick clap hits, chord stabs, and a bright lead all add to the groove.  The breakdown of the track is an atmospheric experience, as James Frew builds on the progression with some ornate synth work, clap hits, and rising leads.  The final drop leads to one last frenzied segment before the close.

James Frew – Lord of the Pies



All in all, this is one of the most impressive electro releases to come along this year.  Big Fish Recordings certainly knows its electro house.  If this EP is anything to go by, then James Frew is certainly on his way up.  Pick up your copy of the Milk Man EP today.




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