Earlier in the week Arty released his latest progressive house record Together We Are on Big Beat Records. The original featured poignant vocals by Chris James and one of the most delicate build ups before dropping into a beautiful composition of anthemic chords. Well it seems just days after the original release, remixes of the track have already begun to surface. In particular, one remix gaining a lot of attention is the remix by OWSLA cohorts The M Machine. Just days after the release of their latest EP, The Metropolis Pt. II, the trio are back again with yet another inventive remix. With this release, The M Machine continue to display their diversity and variation between each and every one of their productions. Maintaining Chris James’ vocals The M Machine remix deviates from Arty‘s original euphoric composition by introducing a wide variety of pulsing bass and dub-infused synths. This remix is set to release on March 18th via Big Beat Records as part of the official remix EP, so until then stream the track below and keep an eye out for any other remixes that may make their way to the limelight in the near future. Enjoy.