On March 5th Dirty South will unveil his debut album Speed Of Life. While having produced music for the past 10 years this Grammy nominated artist has yet to release a full fledged album, to our disappointment. But better late than never, especially if this sounds as good as the previews we’ve heard floating around the web. To further the hype surrounding the release of Dragan Roganović’s (yes that’s his real name) next work, the artist details his production methods and the thought process behind such tracks as Speed Of Life, Champions, Super Sounds and more. Enjoy this and the accompanying previews.

Tracklist of album:

1. Gods (feat. Ruben Haze)
2. Super Sounds
3. Until The End (feat. Joe Gil)
4. Champions
5. Sunrise
6. Your Heart (feat. Joe Gil)
7. Reset
8. Something Like You (feat. Rudy)
9. Sunset
10. Speed Of Life

Speed Of Life (Album) – Making Of

Dirty South – Reset (Preview)

Dirty South ft. Joe Gil – Until The End (Preview)