Follow Me,  two extra-dimensional shamans residing in Brooklyn, New York have been on my radar for quite a while now and I believe the time has come for the rest of humanity to become enlightened. Over the past few months, the duo have become notorious for creating sensual and nostalgic deep house tunes that radiate positive vibes. A few weeks ago, Joe and Anthony sent me their latest release, a winter mix tape of some of the freshest nu-disco and deep house cuts around. Each and every track Follow Me touches possesses an extraordinary amount of detail and finesse that equates to a final product that dares the listener to take the track off repeat. Their latest mix is no different and is a sure fire way to start your Saturday on the right foot however I can’t urge you enough to check out their soundcloud and delve deeper into this duo’s treasure chest of good-feelin’ tunes. Stream, download and enjoy! Cheers.