On today’s Unsung Heroes, we take a stroll through time to the funky and always fresh 1970’s for some stellar Disco House to satisfy your dancing needs. Oddly enough, it is even a wonder that Disco even sneaked into our EDM world to begin with. With many fans of the movement wanting big, greasy Electro hits, to needing world dominating anthems, to getting chunky Tech House and to wanting soul releasing Trance, it does not seem as though people would be that interested in Disco House. However, every time I show a Disco release to someone, their faces always light up and comment on how awesome the track is. And it is good that we as a generation have not forgotten our roots within the early days of clubbing. The days where cool, confident beats played and people would flock to Disco clubs (and unannounced parties) to enjoy the music, regardless of class, race or gender. Today, we look at the Asino Di Medico vs. Arma’s ‘Bring The Funk’ Remix to Kama Qu & Passao‘s Disco Records. Both artists took the Original and spiked some serious funk into the mix with hip synths and insatiable groove to create an undeniably cool cut of music.



Disco Records starts out with a really grooving bass line with some filtered synths being brought to the forefront. However, these synths are highly unusual and consist of ‘UWAOW’ sounding synths and some sweet, bell like synths. We hear an announcer saying ‘Disco Beat. Disco Craze‘, with some awesome vocal chopping, while we hear the main melody of tight saxes bring some rhythmic quality to the foray. As the beat drops, we hear a multitude of instrumental parts, including precise sax rhythms, funky synths, rhythmic guitar and that impeccable bassline to tie the entire groove together. More instruments come into the fold, with a 70’s stomp pedal guitar, orchestral hits, and small subtle touches such as repeated synths and a woman saying ‘Do it one more time‘. As the breakdown, we hear a crowd go crazy as only the bassline is kept in tact as the ‘Disco Beat. Disco Craze‘ is brought back. Again, we hear the filtered synths being brought back in true classic fashion as more unique and one off sounds tickle the ear with nostalgic pleasure. Finally the second drop hits and the funkiness gets pulled through the roof as the unquestionable groove of the track reaches its peak.

Interestingly enough, the Original of Kama Qu & Passao‘s track had nothing to do with 70’s funk at all. Instead, the sound was rougher and more gritty as the beat was more focused on the Dirty Dutch sound two years ago, with some cool technical groove on top of it. In fact, even the remixes had nothing to do with Disco at all, with some opting for the full on Dirty Dutch sound or going the minimal route with simple technical sounds. Asino Di Medico & Arma then decided to ‘Bring The Funk’ back into the aptly named Disco Records and bring the soul and energy of the 70’s to dance floors today, hoping to relive some of the magic of the early clubbing days. This is a stellar remix and is sure to turn heads and smiles if strategically placed in a set. Asino Di Medico vs. Arma’s Bring The Funk Remix of Kama Qu & Passao‘s Disco Records is out now on Sneakerz Muzik over at Beatport. Get on over there and pick up this stellar release today!

Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/track/disco-records-asino-di-medico-vs-arma-bring-the-funk-remix/1906177


Unsung Heroes is a weekly segment where we take a look back at an amazing production and bring it back into the light for older and newer fans alike. These tracks were often overlooked, overshadowed by a huge release or are just not that well known to the public here in America. Here, you can find all the hidden gems in many genres and find a new favorite track (or another tool/weapon for aspiring DJ’s).