Recently pulling off some stunning releases from the Middle East is Abdelrahman Ragab and Ahmed El-Zeiny, or better known as A&Z. These two Egyptian Trance producers have been on a hot streak lately and their sound is uniquely contrasted, with rough but elegant Electro sounds infused with the culture, lifestyle and musical theory of the Middle East. Their new track Gloom is no different, with high energy synth stabs and relentless Electro lines that dominates dance floors. However, we have another fast rising Middle Eastern star that has put the track on a completely different, but refreshing pathway. Hailing from the United Arab Emirates, Uplifting prodigy Ahmed Romel has been taking Trance to another level with his remixes to Eddie Bitar‘s Rollarcoaster and Gaia‘s Tuvan. He has already been on Your EDM‘s radar with his brilliant collaboration with Illitheas on the mighty Mavi kus (which can be viewed here: Romel takes A&Z‘s Gloom to an uplifting masterpiece, while taking advantage of the piece’s distinct Middle Eastern flavor as a starting point, where his best qualities can brightly shine through.



Ahmed Romel ups the ante and the BPM as he swaps out the Electro lines for some powerful, driving synths and big room bass kicks. Supplemented are some neat acid lines snaking among the textures and distinctive Middle Eastern chord progressions within some subtle synths and lone singer. The real heart-stopping moment is near the one minute mark where Romel cuts the music completely and has a soloist sing an absolutely gorgeous Middle Eastern solo that ceases all thought processes and speaks directly to the soul, (trust us, it will send shivers up your spine). After returning to the bass section, the breakdown showcases a female soloist performing a lovely duo with the male as a lone Qanun [???] is strumming in the background. The energy is brought back to the forefront as many different acid lines collide with off beat synths and heavenly synths, all while maintaining that essential Middle Eastern flair. Gloom drops into a fantastically wild, but controlled drop with sounds colliding everywhere while still allowing room for Ahmed Romel to musically express himself.

Transitioning from pure Electro/Trouse to Uplifting is not an easy task. The two genres are about as completely alien to each other than almost any other genre available. But somehow, Romel miraculous switches gears and creates an alluring remix for the senses while maintaining a well-defined character to the piece. Slowly but surely, Ahmed Romel is carving himself among the greats of Trance and he is quick on his way to becoming a powerhouse in Uplifting Trance. Additionally, he is one of the few artists who has not sacrificed his musical and creative integrity for the current trend  of the month and is forging his own individual pathway for others to follow and dance. We here at Your EDM are excited to see how the rest of 2013 will pay off to Ahmed and we wish him the best of luck for his future releases. Maybe with the forces of Ahmed Romel, Aly & Fila, A&Z, Bjorn Akesson and Philippe El Sisi, they will challenge the conventional and break the mold into inovational discoveries. Ahmed Romel‘s remix of A&Z’s Gloom is on Fraction Records and is now available on Beatport. Head on over and snag a copy today!

Make sure to check out the Original, folks!

Keep the music alive, Trance fans. -Q