Sandro Silva‘s Let It Go Tonight featuring Jack Miz has been a huge success in recent months, so we knew the remixes would be following. The EP was released in December and was a solid production from the 20 year-old Dutchman. The Starkillers remix is fresh, dope, original, heavy, and any other positive adjective you could add to it. The structure in general is great. It seems like it could be two completely different tracks based on one hard electro drop and some smooth dub in the second half. A+ all around. MAKJ also has a pretty sweet house version that has a lot of the original Sandro feel to it, which is great. It’s a nice change of pace when remixes stick to the general direction of the original. The last remix in this pack is the Justin Prime‘s remix. He’s been receiving crazy press since Cannonball came out and he’ll be getting a little more with this one. It’s a lot more of a commercial, happy-go-lucky style but will, without a doubt, be a hit. Three great remixes to a great original. Doesn’t get much better than that.

We also got word that Sandro will be beginning his largest North American tour yet. Check out the confirmed dates below, with more cities to be announced.

3/14 – London Music Hall – London, ONT
3/16 – Era Nightclub – Ottawa, ONT
3/21 – Juicy Beach – Miami, FL
3/28 – Lure – Los Angeles, CA
3/29 – Ruby Skye – San Francisco, CA
3/30 – Kakaako Waterfront Park – Honolulu, HI
4/3 – Studio Paris – Chicago, IL
4/4 – Josephine’s – Washington DC
4/5 – Rumor – Philadelphia, PA