Set of 2013. Quote me on that right now. And if at some point this year you think you found a better one, then hit me up and we’ll debate that for days. Avicii guest stared on Diplo and Friends and it was unbelievable. Diplo really gives him a lot of credit on the mix, and rightfully so. I’ve heard a lot of people saying things like Avicii is proving that he’s more than Levels, but I didn’t even think is was a question. I remember reading a quote from Deadmau5 saying that he couldn’t name one other song that Avicii ever made. I thought to myself, “Really? just because he makes a world wide hit, doesn’t mean he can’t make other good tracks.” One thing that really bothers me is when someone makes a wildly popular track, so they’re discredited and said to of been “a sell out.” Why? Because they made a track that a wide variety of people can enjoy? Call him what you will, but Avicii is one hell of a DJ and if you still disagree after this mix then you never will. This set is one for the ages, and one that everyone can enjoy.

Avicii – Diplo and Friends – 03-03-2013 by Mixing.Dj Livesets on Mixcloud