Wanting to start 2013 with a bang, it’s apparent that legendary technical artist Simon Patterson has been explosively charging towards new, unforeseen territory in Trance. Simon has already garnered an extremely impressive profolio to begin with, with massive tracks such as Here & Now, Mood Swing and the deep and peak time banger, Northern Lights (as well as remixes for John Askew and Mark Leanings). He is mainly known as a peak time technical producer, often having deeply detailed and refined releases that really has that distinct, quality sound towards his productions. And while his past works are nothing to sneeze at, his latest remix to Neelix‘s track, Leave Me Alone, definitely has heads turning and jaws dropping. Patterson has done something that has never really been done before: having a technical Tech Trance producer remix a track that was created by a Psy Trance producer. The Original cut is a cool, low key chugger that brings Psy into Full Prog mode. Simon Patterson has taken Neelix’s cool track and sculpted it into peak time mode with enough energy to load an atomic bomb and unleash it on the dance floor.




The amount of production and care put into this track is almost to the point where a description of the song would be impossible, but it is worth a try. A mixture of Psy and Tech Trance gets pulled in the mix as a dark, clean drop pulls together the energy into one point (whilst utilizing an array of trippy, free form vocal timbres). Then Patterson kicks it into higher gears with brutal acidic lines being brought to the front as high energy synths and furious drive gets pushed forward. Many different sounds are being utilized to this point and the build up to the second drop gets muddled into a high frequency mess of towering proportions. Bigger than the first drop, the second has crushing, gritty basslines and glitchy, fast moving samples and sounds whizzing up above. Cool productional methods include messing with the EQ’s, reversing the track and pushing into 2/4 time signature territory. The mellow breakdown is calming, with cool synths as the second drop goes full tech with vocal stabs and pure bass rattling the sound system. Cool effects are again with 2/4, stopping the track completely for one beat, sneaking some palette changing acidic beats and implementing interesting percussive hits. A track with many adventurous ideas, it is Simon‘s best work up to date and a tremendous weapon to utilize on the dancefloor.

This particular remix is something of significance to us readers and is an exciting time for Simon. Lately, he has been heavily influenced by Psy Trance and his thoughts and productional ideas have been shifting slightly from mighty tracks to genre bending works, infusing Psy and Tech into something completely different. His new radio show, Open Up, forgoes into the realms of Techno and Psy Trance with not as much of an emphasis on Tech Trance. What we may be seeing here readers, is a brand new direction for Patterson. While I personally don’t think he is going to be an exclusive Psy producer in the future, it is heavily apparent that certain qualities and characteristics of Psy are going to be in his productions from now on. Artists who decide to put another genre of music into their works is one who decides to take the most risks. Known as a ‘transitional period’, it is where the most innovative, creative and smoking hot tracks are produced. And we might be witnessing this before our eyes. A possible contender for Trance track of the year, Simon Patterson‘s remix of Neelix‘s Leave Me Alone is out now on Perfecto Fluoro Records, so get on Beatport and grab this track!

Keep the music alive, Trance fans. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/leave-me-alone-simon-patterson-remix/1051856