Less than 10 days to go until the 15th anniversary of Ultra Music Festival. The anticipation is killing me. Beautiful weather, beautiful music, and beautiful people are a perfect recipe for an amazing time and this year is set to be out of control. People were up in arms when they first found out about the festival expanding to two weekends, but once the line ups were announced it seemed a lot of people calmed down and realized they were still in for an epic adventure. Speaking of epic… Ultra Records released a smash hit today. Probably goes without saying at this point, but thank the electronic gods for the Netherlands. TiestoQuintino, and Alvaro teamed up to bring another Ultra anthem that may take the cake as the best anthem for 2013, despite Afrojack‘s Air Guitar being in the mix. The track, United, is heavy and will have people screaming and jumping from Friday the 15th, until Sunday the 24th. This track, along with 16 other hits, are on the Ultra Music Festival 2013 release that’s available for pre-order now on iTunes.