Released today on OWSLA and Beatport, Alvin Risk’s demonstrates once again why he’s a force to be reckoned with in the Heavy Bass music genre. Not only that, but he also lends his very interesting vocal talent to the intro. While obviously not Ellie Goulding, he manages to give the track the exact edge it needs for probably the biggest “drop” I’ve heard in 2013. I would expect no less than a very close friend of Skrillex and company. Indeed it seems every musician who has ever come in contact with Skrillex and his “Dogs” are hard working musicians and are constantly pushing boundaries. If this is any clue as to what we’re going to be getting from Alvin in the future then I would keep a very close eye on the artist.

If you’re subscribed to the NEST, which is a subscription based program in which you get all of OWSLA’s releases early plus some exlculsives, then you would of been able to read an excerpt from Alvin shown below;

OWSLIΛNS Life is an amazing knot. Everything happening at once tangled, winding, overlapping. Skyclad is about getting a chance to see the knot from above. See it for what it is. Even of its only for a second. Thank you & See you soon Λ

Check out the track below, and buy it on Beatport. Remember if you’re subscribed to the NEST ($12/month) then you automatically get this song ready for download!