KitSch 2.0, the upstart house duo from Marseilles, is at it again.  These French up-and-comers have a brand new release off of John Dahlback’s famed Mutants label.  This time, it’s the bumping house anthem “Housecoholic,” an all-new track that has some quirky synth work and an incredibly infectious hook.  The duo mixes a deep bassline and strong clap hits with pitched-up leads and an energetic groove.  The vocal sample only adds to the frenetic energy of the arrangement.  The result is one of the more unique and refreshing tracks to come along all year.

Also included on the release is the Lunde Bros remix of Housecoholic.  The Swedish brotherly duo puts their own spin on KitSch 2.0’s original arrangement.  Lunde Bros opens their track with a spacious chord progression, before unveiling a massive bassline that completely changes up the feel.  The duo uses some monumental synth work to drive up the energy, pairing the chords perfectly with pulsating leads and the ever-present bassline.  The entire track blends progressive and electro elements into one uplifting composition.  Housecoholic (Lunde Bros Remix) provides the perfect complement to KitSch 2.0’s original mix.

Mutants is a label known for showcasing some of the hottest rising stars in the house scene, and it seems KitSch 2.0 is ready to join the ranks as one of house music’s next great acts.  With a pounding original mix, along with an explosive remix from fellow up-and-comers Lunde Bros, the “Housecoholic” release is a must-listen.  Pick up your copy today.


KitSch 2.0 – Housecoholic (Original Mix)



KitSch 2.0 – Housecoholic (Lunde Bros Remix)





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