VON B, the up-and-coming house producer from Norway, is set to make some moves yet again with a brand new, upcoming track.  “Edliv,” due for release on March 16th, is a rollicking progressive anthem with an uplifting progression and a ferocious bassline.  VON B proves his ability to juggle electro and progressive influences throughout the arrangement, mixing melodic progressions in with some pulse-pounding segments that are sure to rock the floor.  Edliv has already received support from the likes of BASTO and Disfunktion.  This is one solid peak-time anthem that’s sure to be a feature in the global house arena this spring.  Edliv will be released on March 16th, where it will be included on a special Miami WMC 2013 Compilation.  Expect its single release off of label Solidaritet Records soon after.

Our friends Disfunktion were kind enough to link me up with VON B.  I got to ask him a couple questions about his upcoming release, as well as his plans for 2013.


What was your creative process like during the making of “Edliv?”

My previous single “Enel” had a more progressive, big-room feel.  After that my manager, Jonas, requested a track that would have a heavy drop – and be festival-ready for Miami WMC 2013!  And since I love breaks with synths and a great atmosphere, I thought working in the electro genre (where I could use some big drops) would suit my style very well.  So “Edliv” was born.


What are your plans for the rest of 2013 (specifically new releases and touring)?
For 2013 I haven’t been planning much just yet.  I actually just had a daughter in November (actually the name Edliv is her name backwards!) and having a little girl takes time!  I am attending a couple of festivals in Scandinavia in early June and late July, but we are working on more bookings for after that. “Edliv” is getting released now in March, then I have another four tracks lined up for the spring and summer. I am also working on a collaboration with a interesting girl on vocals (which will be announced soon).
Check out the preview from VON B’s Soundcloud below, and make sure to look for the release of “Edliv” on March 16th.




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