You’ve probably heard Chris Cox, DJ Frankie, Crystal Waters‘ most recent single Oh Mama Hey, but you probably didn’t expect it to top the Billboard Dance/Club Play Songs list. On next week’s official rankings, she’ll be passing Avicii and Nickey Romero‘s smash hit I Could Be the One. It’s had insane success and this is one of those times where pop and dance music genres blend together. Crystal is extremely talented and has a strong passion for music that goes beyond making #1 hits and music videos. She has over 20 years of heart and soul in her career, and it pours into her work.

Now that you’re more familiar with what she’s been currently doing, we’d like to present you with a Your EDM exclusive on a jazz song that she has. It’s called The Great City and is a perfect example of an artist branching out to do something different, and shows a little passion behind the scene. You’re never going to see this song top the dance charts, but it has great flavor and tells a different tale. This is something to unwind too; a perfect coffee shop/jazz club track to get you feeling good. So do what she did. Branch out and check out something different, and enjoy some smooth jazz.