Meet Mind The Gap, one of LA’s finest indie/electronica groups to hit the scene. Backed by a Sri Lankan, a Mexican, a Korean, and a Jewish guy from Cleveland (as described on Facebook) MTG’s exceptional sound incorporates the fervor of the the Black Keys with dance beats heavily influenced from artists like Daft Punk. They first started writing for TV networks like Discovery, VH1, and yes, even Playboy TV.  They now have fused into a dominating group, pioneering an edgy, insistent sound that is not only captivating, but truly genius.

Mind The Gap has enthusiastically chosen us to premier their second single off of their Youth EP, “Falling For You” and boy is it a beauty. The punchy drums boom through the intro while emphatic guitar riffs roar into your speakers. The raw vocals and funk-style melodies build momentum until they cascade into a chaotic, yet catchy hook that will be stuck in your head for days. “Falling For You” breaks out of the mainstream feel so many bands fall victim to, like Maroon 5, and incorporates a rich, diversified sound. MTG’s ambition to be familiar yet distinct is why they are on their way to stardom. We loved the track and we know you will too, so check out the music video below as well as a free download on their Soundcloud!