Saying that Avicii takes a long time to release his tracks would be an understatement. First premiered in May 2011, popularly dubbed ID2, this track was supposed to be Avicii’s next great anthem after Levels. Playing on the popular sounds and synths of the time, it was incredibly well received by newfound fans of the rising star. Fast-forward to today, and the ID sounds archaic and banal. EDM changes rapidly and you have to equal its pace if you wish to remain relevant. ID2 has now been given a name, UMF, which obviously stands for Ultra Music Festival and for a good reason, since it will be included in the Ultra Music Festival 2013 Anthem Album release. Honestly, to us, it seems like this decision was rushed and that those compiling the album requested a track from Avicii, to which the producer, not having the time currently touring or in the hospital in Australia, decided to just give out this long-forgotten ID. Either way, here is the 2011 sample of the track, which will indubitable sound exactly like UMF. Enjoy.

Release Date: March 19th

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