While not entirely news worthy and pertinent to the EDM scene, we thought this would make do for the funny post of the day. Prodigy frontman, Keith Flint, trying to reaffirm his position as his loud, at times obnoxious past self, decided to bash PSY’s record-breaking Gangnam Style. Prodigy is set to co-headline Future Music Festival in Australia with PSY, but apparently unaware of that fact, Prodigy frontman Flint decided to target the Korean K-Pop star during the interview.

“I’m proud to say I’ve never listened to that Gangnam Style. What the f––k is that about? […] It’s only [famous] because of the internet isn’t it?”

Honestly it seems rather odd that out of all the times and places to criticize the 2012 global sensation, Flint would do it just prior to FMF, all while feigning ignorance of the line up. This seems more like a marketing coup than anything else. Either way, we found it humorous that a 40 year old man would claim that a track is “only famous because of the internet”, as if the internet were such an irrelevant notion. Let us remind him that a good reason he’s still popular to this day is because of the internet, so he should enjoy it, not criticize it.

They still make great music though.

Source: The Sidney Morning Herald