The dynamic duo that is Tritonal released their new vocal house track today. The song is called Bullet That Saved Me and has a personal meaning to its producers. Chad Cisneros, half of Tritonal, had this to say on their latest production:

” ‘Bullet That Saved Me’ tells a story of someone hit by a crisis, hardship, life experience. Instead of killing the person, the ‘Bullet’ meant for destruction is actually the thing that wakes them up, changes their paradigm, and becomes the bedrock for change. This story is personal to me, as I have gone through something very close to this. It’s a hopeful story, one that speaks of people and their ability to really change from the inside out.”

The raw emotion put into this track is evident at first listen. It is a real banger with a fantastic melody and flawless production. Pick up your copy on Beatport.

Tritonal – Bullet That Saved Me