To further the resounding excitement surrounding the start of Ultra Music Festival, Bruce Rodgers, co-designer and President of Tribe, Inc., in an interview with inthemix, said:

“Attendees are going to witness the most technically advanced and largest concert stage designs in history. We have combined the latest in staging automation technology, video, set design, and creative LED video systems. The stage is enhanced by 12 32-watt full color lasers; over 12,000 shots of pyrotechnics; and highlighted by over 1050 intelligent lights.”

While that might be a bold announcement, the co-designer of the main stage seems to have evidence to back up his statement. The picture accompanying this article was just recently shared by Ultra Music Festival, and showcases some impressive and innovative stage design integrating a wide variety of elements. From the iconic ‘U’ to the vertical field of LEDs, in addition to the free Wifi, free water and stacked line up, UMF visitors will definitely be in for a treat.

Not attending the event in person? Fret not, as Ultra Music Festival is streaming all 6 days live from their YouTube channel. Watch the trailer here:

Source: inthemix