Thanks to the awesome work over at Daft Punk Touch, we now have new information regard the highly anticipated 2013 Daft Punk album. Rumors have been spreading like wildfire, but it seems as though this information is solid and pretty official. Through some careful research, we have learned that PPL, or Phonographic Performance Limited, has finally released the Licenses needed in order for new, recorded music to be played through various mediums, such as Music Videos and Radio Broadcasting. We have learned that there will be a total of 13, yet to be named tracks to be released, each ranging from 3 minutes long to 9 minutes long. The total number of minutes of the legendary Daft Punk will be around 74 minutes, or just over an hour of new Daft Punk material. Additionally, we now know that the Rights to these songs will officially be under Sony Music Entertainment UK as well. As always, we will keep you up to date with the latest in everything Daft Punk, so keep it locked at Your EDM.



If you are curious, you can personally check the info yourself. Just head on over to this link and type in DAFT PUNK and look at around pages 11/12:

Again, a personal thanks to Daft Punk Touch for this information. Follow them on Twitter at @DaftPunkTouch. And again, keep it locked here at Your EDM.