It is not natural for artists to constantly be changing their sound in order to stay relevant with the current sound trends of today. Many currant artists, such as Nicky Romero, Hardwell, Kaskade, Gareth Emery and more have been prime examples of this concept and it is a natural progression for all artists of this medium. However, it is something special when an artist comes back to his roots for a release, because many people who have eagerly been waiting for that ‘signature’ sound that seems to have been lost suddenly returns, and it causes quite a buzz. Legendary label, Toolroom Records has been at the forefront of this phenomenon, with Hardwell and Nicky Romero harkening back to their signature Big Room Tech sounds of 2010 for their releases of Three Triangles and Still The Same Man, (respectively). And now, the label is at it again with the classic Progressive sound of EDX. EDX is known for being one of, if not THE best producer of True Progressive sounds, as his class productions have always been stellar releases. Known for his unique plugs in his production, EDX is at it again with his followup of his track, Touched, with his new single, Blessed.



Blessed starts with refreshing percussion and teasing synths (with light bells providing support), before it splashes into a gorgeous, warm weather melody that has that signature and always fresh sound of classic EDX. What is most impressive about the piece is the careful layering and intricate orchestration that has been meticulously planned throughout the piece. Each phrase brings something new and fresh to the table and sounds you would not expect gives little surprises that make you want to listen even more. Also great is the way that EDX elongates the notes to make the phrase build more energy, only to have the short notes return with more reserve and fresh, technical identity. With a vocalist stating, “I can’t get you, out of my mind. And I wonder why we are wasting out time.“, (with ‘out of my mind‘ being chopped up and layered to great effect) it pushes into the breakdown, with a crowd cheering and clapping along. Again, the layering is present, with the beautiful Prog sound coming into full force, but now with an alternate melody playfully contrasting the original and creating carefree, wild sounds to run around in the surreal soundscape that EDX has beautifully laid out before us.

What makes this particular release so awesome is the fact that EDX has not lost his core sound after a couple of years of experimenting in Progressive House. Many artists tend to lose that sound that got them to the top and more than likely will never go back to creating that sound ever again. But this shining release shows that EDX still has what it takes and showcases that he is a masterful guru of Progressive that we can’t help to appreciate and to respect as well. EDX stated this on his Soundcloud page: “I can’t live without my classic plug sound and summer vibe! This is the reason I always will return to my roots. Summer is the best time of the year and I always feel Blessed to spend this time with my friends.” The great thing about this inspiration is that we can hear that in the sound of the piece! This piece brings back warm memories of Summers past and present, and the warm, playful memories that associate with it. This is a true Summer tune, and the fact that EDX has masterfully embodied this special feeling is nothing short of amazing. EDX‘s Blessed is out now on Toolroom Records, so head on over to Beatport and grab this essential Summer track today.


Keep the music alive. -Q