Trance duo Bowdidge and Taylor have been the talk of the town lately, as the combined forces of these two dynamic producers have produced a stunning array of talent that is quickly propelling them to the top. Combining as a team not even a year ago, they have splashed onto the scene with recent releases, such as Power Cut and Firecracker on Mental Asylum records; blistering tracks that really show the rough, edgy sound needed for Tech Trance. However, with their new release on Monster Digital, it showcases that these two are equally as versatile in their genres as they are with their production skills. Their new single, As It Should Be, brings the more melodic and emotional side to the duo, as a masterful production brings joy and feel good memories to mind from the beginning kick to the final drop.



As It Should Be starts off immediately with a certain kind of magical flair to it, as if there was love and kindness infused into every note and rhythm. Their production value is clearly evident here, as each individual instrument sounds crisp and clean, with an attention to detail that really polishes the track as a whole. Bowdidge and Taylor both infuse sly acid lines, a confident low bassline, flowing melodic synths and playful tones that give it that spark. The breakdown include a beautiful vocal timbre, sweeping strings, and clever chordal work as the main melody shines through the intricate details. Vocals flit in and about the main hook as pianos bring another element to the table. As the drop comes, the beautiful melody gets a huge boost from the upbeat basslines and repeated accompaniment as they stack melody on melody on top of each other. The entire track is not heavy, but light and free, and really showing they have the chops to progress their career as a team even farther. Bowdidge & Taylor‘s As It Should Be is out now on Monster Digital on Beatport, so make sure you nab this release today, Trance fans!


Keep the music alive. -Q