On today’s Unsung Heroes, we take a look at rising Trance star Jeppe Madsen, or otherwise known by his moniker, Gelardi. He is a 19 year old producer in Denmark who is self managed and has maintained the virtue of learning his craft to hone in on musical excellence and quality. His career reads as a Cinderella story, starting off from the bottom and slowly but surely making his way to the top. Throughout time, his productions have been supported by the likes of Armin van Buuren, Aly & Fila, Eco and more and it seems that each and every tune he creates just outshines the last one made. Near the end of 2012, Gelardi created a particularly stellar remix on Ultimate‘s One Way To A Better World off of Infrasonic Recordings, which instantly got support from Aly & Fila on their FSOE Radio Show. Infusing Progressive and wild, unchecked emotions, Gelardi creates a masterpiece of a tune, one with depth and meaning that send shockwaves through the souls of everyone listening.




One Way To A Better World starts with a futuristic, rolling bassline, serine synths and glowing bells beneath a waterwork of intricate orchestration. Automatically, the piece gives off a certain sense of care and compassion, as the pristine synths work their magic to the listener’s ear. The breakdown is where Gelardi really shows off his skills as a musical theorist, as deep, submerged synths provide an excellent backdrop for flowing strings and divine vocals cutting above all the crossing textures. He produces amazing layering technique as the sound just seems to grow as though it was organic; a living breathing entity all its own. Introducing the melodic main hook, the sheer presence of it brings chills up the spine and adrenaline through the heart. As the buildup occurs, the energy increasing to a tipping point, in which Gelardi masterfully uses synth chopping to bring in a wondrous drop with a chord progression that is simply out of this world. It is simple, yet complex; melodic, yet deep; and brings enough contrast amongst itself to be a powerhouse of an Uplifting tune, one where hands are in the air and all sense of consciousness is completely lost to the musical void.

One particular point that makes us excited about the future of Gelardi is the completely unique style of Trance that is all his own. With many particular groups pushing their sound to trends of the modern age, he has instead turned against that and mixed two completely different genres at once to present us with something miraculous. He has the chops in order to fully exemplify himself in both Progressive Trance and Uplifting Trance, but rather than separate the two, he creates music that is both Uplifting to the heart, while remaining sweet and light as Progressive trance would suggest. The results are new, interesting and downright fascinating sounds that are coming from each of his releases. In a scene where spontaneity and ingenuity are scarce, it is nice to see an underdog create a sound that trumps over tried and tested formulas and where he can forge his own path of musicianship. Gelardi‘s remix of Ultimate‘s One Way To A Better World is out now on Infrasonic Records on Beatport, so head over there and snag this release today, Trance fans.


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/track/one-way-to-a-better-world-gelardi-remix/3874672


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