It seems like everyone these days is coming to Las Vegas. Huge acts like Tiesto and Calvin Harris, to name a select few, are establishing residences in the Sin City, raising the question, is Las Vegas becoming the new Ibiza? Fatboy Slim doesn’t seem to think so.

Two years ago, he resided at Marquee Day Club, simply to try it out and check it off the old bucket list. It was starting to become a thing more DJ’s were doing, so he figured, why not. Fast forward two years later, just about every big name in EDM is partnering up with a club in Vegas, playing weekly shows at some of the nicest clubs in the entire world. Amongst all the glitz and glam, the appealing life of the Sin City never sank in with Fatboy Slim, as he told Rolling Stone, “the Vegas side of it really isn’t for me – that whole VIP, table, bottles of Cristal, girls with pneumatic tits. That’s not my vibe.”

Coming from the man who played the Olympics last year in home-country England, Norman Cook appears more interested in doing the next big thing rather than residing in one place for a season. He says, “Doing the Olympics in England last year, that’s one I never would’ve seen coming. There are higher mountains to climb; you just don’t know [what] they are yet.”

His underground roots are what keep him from residing in such commercial areas such as Vegas. While he doesn’t seem to mind headlining the huge festivals like Ultra, as he’ll be sharing the main stage with Calvin Harris and Deadmau5 next week, don’t count on seeing him residing in the U.S. anytime soon.