With the recent release of their album art cover, the french duo has taken to the streets to push and advertise their upcoming album. Daft Punk has been known for their secrecy, especially during the past few years, since only rumors surrounding their next work would give their fans hints as to what to expect. But since the unveiling of their new website, art cover and viral SNL advert, Daft Punk has begun pushing a poster campaign, plastering the album art all over the globe, from New York to Shoreditch England. The appearance of such posters sometimes even incited a series of unrelated rumors of a potential appearance, such as at Austin’s SXSW. The excitement surrounding the upcoming LP is astounding and a definite showcase of the duo’s talent, following, and marketing capabilities.

Here is what we know about Daft Punk’s upcoming album:

– The album will last 74 minutes and contain 13 tracks.

– The release is slated for May on Sony’s subsidiary Columbia.

– The duo previewed a 15 second portion of one of their upcoming tracks during their SNL advertising.

Source and Image Credit: Mixmag